BFSS welcomes HvSMF’s determination to see exam results improve at Busuuli Primary School, Uganda

In October 2014 BFSS gave a grant of £18,800 to The Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund for a new block of two classrooms, staff room, furniture, plus latrine blocks at Busuuli Primary School in south east Uganda.    This was the second grant BFSS had given the charity for school projects in Uganda.

hvsmf children           HVSMF building

As a result of the completion of this project, the number of pupils per class has been reduced, teachers now have a suitable facility in which to mark exam results and plan lessons and the new latrines and washrooms have given boys and girls the required privacy.

The Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund hope that the increased investment will improve what were disappointing results for the previous year.  Not content with this, and in an aim to improve exam results across all the schools they support, they have held a workshop specifically for top year primary school teachers with the aim of improving teachers’ examination techniques and so pass on these lessons to their pupils.    HvSMF will be watching closely to see what impact this workshop has in terms of improved results in future.

BFSS welcomes HvSMF’s efforts to ensure that the investment in improved resources leads to improved pupil performance.    To read the report on the project, including lessons learned, please click here.