Children leaving school Ethiopia Photo by Adam Jones

New grants awarded – Winter/Spring 2024

Details of the grants awarded so far this year, to support young people’s education in Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.

In two Grants Committee meetings so far this year, £256,668 has been awarded in grants for six international projects.

See Beyond Borders were given £59,520 for a three-year project delivering leadership training for school leaders and supporting schools to implement plans to improve the quality of education, in 20 under-performing primary schools. Working in partnership with district education offices in Cambodia.

Hello World were awarded £59,335 for a two-year pilot project to extend their award-winning literacy and numeracy education to out of school children in refugee settlements and host communities in Uganda. They will provide offline tablets with pre-loaded educational software at 50 of their established ‘Hubs’ in refugee communities aimed at early years, building on their existing programmes with staff in place to support the children in guided learning.

Mosaic Middle East were given £40,365 for a three-year Accelerated Education Project at the Sheikhan Yazidi camp for internally displaced people in Iraq. They will run a three-month accelerated learning programme for 150 Yazidi students in their final year of secondary school, where they face multiple barriers to learning. They aim to help more to pass this crucial year.

Tusome Africa were awarded £28,806 for a three-year project to increase enrolment into primary school and improve retention rates in Uganda. Tusome Africa will train 18 ‘para educators’ in nine villages who will provide early years activities in community spaces, for children aged three to five years.

Chance for Childhood were awarded £60,000 for a two-year project in Ghana to screen 2,400 early years children in Accra through our new digital app, to ensure children identified as having special educational needs (SEN) get the support they need to thrive in school. The project aims to scale-up a toolkit for early identification of children with SEN in early years which BFSS also supported them to pilot, with CfC working closely with the education department and another BFSS Grant Partner, Sabre.

Together We learn were granted £17,642 for a one-year-project to construct a library at Meseret School in Ethiopia. The funding also covers resources, books and supports a state‐funded librarian.

  • Photo shows children leaving school, Ethiopia. Photo by Adam Jones, Global Photo Archive (Creative Commons)

Published: 22 March 2024