A child takes part in a spelling bee in Malawi as part of literacy project by Temwa

New grants awarded – November 2023

Details of the grants awarded this autumn, to support young people’s education in Africa, Asia and South America.

The total amount of new grants awarded for the autumn grants round was £333,207. We received 54 applications and eight were accepted by the Grants Committee, all of which were international projects:

  • Sabre Education – £30,000 for a one -year project to trial play-based early years teacher training in government preschools in north Ghana.
  • Hope for Children – £32,296 for literacy classes over two years for children out of school or attending sporadically in Uganda, and provide solar lights.
  • Learning for Life – £52,234 over two years to establish 21 early learning centres in Bangladesh.
  • Temwa UK – £28,806 over three years to support 30 villages to set up and run their own preschools.
  • Just a Drop – £57,042 over two years to provide menstrual health training to 16 schools in Kenya and set up groups to manufacture reusable menstrual hygiene kits.
  • Amazon Charitable Trust – £58,269 over two years to refurbish and equip 12 schools, in hard to reach rainforest areas, that have been badly damaged by flooding.
  • CodeBrave Foundation – £55,124 over two years to train teachers in coding, robotics and AI, to improve STEM education for children in impoverished communities in Lebanon.
  • Chamos – £19,436 over two years to establish a digital literacy programme at three schools in Venezuela to enhance employability post-education.

Published: 6 December 2023