Our Impact 2021

BFSS Impact Report 2021

Our Impact 2021

The creativity, perseverance and adaptability of so many organisations is inspiring.

Their hard work and determination to deliver on projects, with BFSS funding, have meant that thousands of young people around the globe and in the UK have been given the best possible opportunities to succeed in life, despite the ongoing challenges of a global pandemic and worldwide school closures.

Changing young people’s lives

Every organisation receiving grant funding from BFSS is required to report on their progress, their spending, the challenges that they have faced and whether their intended outcomes and outputs have been achieved.  

Each final report contains a range of quantitative measures such as direct and indirect beneficiaries, attainment levels and itemised contributions of buildings and resources. Statistical data can only ever provide a snapshot of success, and the richness often stems from the many stories of change in young people’s lives and their communities. Not only does the final report establish the success of a project and provide accountability, it is also a critical time for reflection and learning both for the grant holder and BFSS.  

This Impact Report 2021 is an overview of the impact of BFSS funded projects which were completed in 2021, taken from the data within their final year reports. 21 final reports were received in 2021, which is significantly less than in previous years1 . However, the total value of the grants that these final reports represent is £552,109, which is an increase on previous years’ reports2 .  

Although there were fewer reports to draw upon, it is clear from the many illustrations of success presented within them that BFSS grants have continued to enable many charities to have an incredible impact on the lives of vulnerable children and young people in the UK and internationally, as well as transforming families, education and social care professionals, and entire communities.  

It is our hope that this Impact Report and the stories contained within will inspire organisations to continue to innovate and seek new approaches, encourage the many organisations and communities who have contributed to it, and provoke continued commitment to transforming the educational opportunities and lives of some of the most vulnerable young people, internationally and within the UK. 

International impact infographic 2021
Impact of International projects 2021
UK impact infographic 2021
Impact of UK projects 2021