Refurbish & equip an IT training room plus 1 year teaching costs, Burundi

  • Refurbish and equip an IT training room at Ecole Ephphatha pour les Sourds (Ephphatha School for the Deaf – EES), Bujumbura, Burundi and to meet the costs of an IT trainer and a French teacher for a year
  • One-year grant of £15,372

DDP has been working with partner organisations in the Indian subcontinent and in sub-Saharan Africa since 1992 to help disabled children and adults and the most vulnerable in society. Inclusion and partnership are at the heart of DDP’s work. Disabled and vulnerable people are encouraged actively to engage in and lead ideas for change.

Disability and Development Partners

EES is one of only two primary schools in Burundi for deaf children. The school wished to establish an IT centre in order to open up a whole new world for deaf children by adding a different dimension to communications and learning. The long term benefits are that EES pupils will be equipped with skills that they can build on when they complete their education and start looking for jobs.

With the help of BFSS’s grant a room has been re-roofed, refurbished and equipped with ten computer workstations. An IT trainer with an aptitude for sign language has been recruited and class timetables have been revised so that all 160 current pupils as well as teachers and former students can benefit from IT skills training. The project has vastly improved the learning and teaching ethos at EES and has encouraged the school and Parents’ Association to lobby government for more support for deaf children’s education.

French language class for EES pupils who have been registered to take state secondary school entrance exams this year (1024x768)

“We were so surprised when they showed no fear and very

quickly learnt the basics of using computers. This is a very

good thing for deaf children, they won’t be left behind.”

 Maurice Murishi, Headmaster, EES

Planned Outcomes:

• Enhanced educational opportunities for EES pupils leading to improved learning performance

• Development of skills in using computers for communication, learning and play

• Improved employment prospects for older and former pupils as a result of IT skills training at the school

• Opportunities for teachers, parents and siblings to learn basic IT skills

IT trainer, Chantal paying close attention a Standard 5 pupil’s query in one of the very first lessons she taught (1024x768)

IT trainer Chantal, practices basic signs

Parents of deaf children have started campaigning for government recognition and more resources for deaf schools (1024x768) (1024x768)