Lighting up lives to help children reach their potential


Mwezi Foundation distributes solar lights to remote schools in Kenya, that enable students who are approaching exams to study in the evenings.

The charity have begun a two-year project, We Light Up Lives, to give lights to 150 schools so pupils can study when there is no natural light.

It’s a simple intervention which improves pupils’ grades and enables them to achieve their academic potential in their last two years of primary school (aged 12-14). With the solar lights, pupils can do homework and revision at home, which improves pass rates and therefore transition to secondary schools.

Mwezi Foundation were awarded £35,097 from our Main Fund in October 2021, for a project which began in April 2022. In the first six months, 250 lights had already been distributed to schools, each often shared by two pupils.

Outputs so far

  • 37 schools supported  
  • 250 lights donated in total 

The project will help more than 500 children a year, with the charity aiming to give out 550 more lights in the first year of the project, to April 2023. 

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