Girls at school in a Children on the Edge project in Thailand for Rohingya refugees

Helping Rohingya refugees


Children on the Edge have established a digital approach to educating young Rohingya refugees, providing quality education in a language they can understand.

In summer 2022, BFSS gave the charity £60,000 for a two-year project to provide primary education for Rohingya refugees on Bhasan Char Island, where there are no government schools.

More than 580 children have been taught in model classrooms where they enjoy a friendly learning environment, with group discussions and digital lessons, arts and sports. Their heritage is celebrated and 60 children entered a recent drawing competition to create pictures of rivers, villages, schools and landscapes from Myanmar.


Teachers have reported how quickly the children have progressed in Maths and English and how much they are loving the digital lessons. Parents are particularly enthusiastic since the introduction of the Myanmar curriculum and the implications they feel it spells for a future return home.

The programme is also tackling the tendency for girls to be withdrawn from education after the age of 12, by organising regular meetings with parents, support group members and the Imam, and have seen some progress.

“We have the opportunity to play sports at our school and we feel wonderful and want to come to school every day.” Sominara, student


“We have seen the improvement in our children in education, behaviour, speaking and intelligence.” Mohammed Habibullah, parent