Apply here

Apply here

Please ensure that your organisation and project is eligible for BFSS funding by reviewing the  UK Criteria and Eligibility or the International Criteria and Eligibility.

Once you are satisfied that your organisation and project are eligible, please apply here:

Stage 1 Application – Information and Guidance

All applications must be submitted using the relevant online application form and include a completed BFSS Budget Template

This does not need to be completed in one session; the form allows you to save your progress and return to complete the form in as many sessions as required within 30 days.

To help you plan the content of your application, please read view the following documents. We strongly recommend that you download and plan your application on the Word Version before uploading this to our online form:

Word Version Stage 1 Application Form

Stage 1 Application Guidance Notes

Budget Guidance Notes

Sample Budget


Stage 2 Application – Information and Guidance

Shortlisted applicants will receive an electronic invitation to submit a Stage 2 application form.At this point, we will ask you to expand on the information you have given us and require a project logframe to accompany this. The logframe is simply a document which helps us to understand the changes that your project aims to achieve and how it will do this.

To help you think through and prepare your proposal, you can view the Stage 2 documents here:

Word Version Stage 2 Application Form

Stage 2 Application Guidance Notes

BFSS Logframe Template

Sample Logframe


We understand that submitting an application involves a lot of work and effort, and we are committed to assessing all applications thoroughly. For more information see our Grant Giving Charter