BFSS Members Charter

The rights and responsibilities of Members & of the Trustees towards Members of the Society are set out in the Statutes approved by the Privy Council in October 2014, in particular Statutes 13 to 18. The Statutes may be viewed on the Society’s website here.

Members are responsible for nominating and electing from the Membership the President, Vice-President(s), Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Councillors. (The Chairman, ViceChairman, Treasurer and Councillors are the Trustees of the Society.)

The Trustees have a commitment to ensuring Members of the Society are provided with timely, accurate and sufficient information about the proceedings of the Society.

The Trustees issue from time to time a statement of the Vision, Values & Mission of the Society, derived from the Charter & Statutes. The current statement reads:

‘The British & Foreign School Society was formed in 1808 by Christian social reformers to carry on the work of Joseph Lancaster, a pioneer of school and teacher education. It is governed by a Royal Charter. Today the Society gives grants for education projects in the UK and around the world.


Educational opportunity for all.


We believe in education as a driver for personal development and social improvement. Building on our heritage, we value effective teaching, commitment to
learning and sharing of good practice. We are committed to inclusivity, integrity, tolerance and respect for others in everything we do.


We seek to achieve our vision by providing funding and support for educational projects in the UK and throughout the world.’

Members of the Society, whether individual or corporate (ie authorised representatives of other charities in Membership), must be interested in promoting the charitable objects of the Society.

In joining the Society, individuals and organisations undertake to contribute to the continuing work of the Society, giving of their time, skills and resources to support its charitable activities and contribute to its effective governance, for example through participation in the AGM, or in the work of a committee, or through promotion of the Society in the wider world. Events (other than the AGM) may be held from time to time which Members will be invited to attend.

Members of the Society undertake not to act in any way that might bring the Society into disrepute.