Changes to our grants criteria and process

Our Displacement Education Fund (DEF) to support young people who have been displaced by conflict has enabled us to fund some every effective and much-needed projects to support children who need us most. Projects for these young people were always part of the criteria for our International Main Fund but in the light of the success of DEF we have decided to also broaden the criteria for UK projects so we can continue to support such vital projects when the £1million funding for DEF is spent.

From October young people displaced by conflict will be supported through the Main Fund in UK and International priority areas.

Further Main Fund criteria changes

We have also made some further adjustments to our Main Fund criteria:

  • Funding will be available for projects which have started within the past 12 months, although grants will not retrospectively fund activities that have already taken place.
  • While we will consider repeated funding of the same organisation, we will not usually fund more than three similar projects per organisation.
  • Applications that have considered environmental responsibility, both in terms of building resilience and reducing their own impact, will be considered favourably.

New Main Fund rolling deadline

In addition the Grants Committee felt changes to our grants process, introduced for the DEF, enabled us to better meet our Grant Partners’ needs. For 2024 we are therefore trialling a rolling application process for the Main Fund, with Grants Committee meetings every two months, rather than every six as currently. Applications for the first round in this new format will open in October and we anticipate allocating a roughly equal amount to projects at each meeting so Grant Partners can apply when it best suits them, rather than having to worry that most funding will be allocated early in the year.

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