United World Schools during Covid pandemic

Removing barriers to girls entering education 


United World Schools work to remove barriers to education for girls in Nepal and broadcast lessons on the radio to reduce dropout risks when schools were locked down.

United World Schools targeted programme to break down barriers to girls entering education by supporting communities in Nepal has helped to shift community attitudes towards educating girls. 

The charity survey 418 households and identified 200 girls aged 5-14, as the most in need of the support provided by this intervention. UWS talked to parents and caregivers and distributed information packs about the benefits of schooling, provided the girls with the resources they needed to attend school which include a school bag, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and two sets of school uniforms. And they followed up later with house visits to review pupils’ progress. 

School closures meant girls lacked a supportive environment where they can prioritize their academics over other functions of life and there was a risk that a sustained period out of school would result in issues such as child labour, early marriage and widened equity gaps. UWS was forced to act rapidly, pivoting towards a new style of learning and within weeks had introduced a radio education programme which aired for four hours per day on ten different local radio stations across Sankhuwasabha and Gulmi. For the 14% of households without radio, UWS created and distributed weekly learning packs.  

Project outputs 

  • 100 parents agreed to send their daughters to school 
  • 200 girls were provided with school kits 
  • an estimated 22,000 students – including 19,000 non-UWS students – were engaging with the programme 
  • 120 teachers in 18 schools trained in identifying and supporting at-risk students, specifically girls 


  • student attendance rate stood at 88% in March 2020 
  • pass rates had improved by 24.5% and 28% for English and Maths 
  • In total 86.5% of students passed English and 84% Maths in national examinations 
  • 91% returned to school after lockdown