Grant to Create a Library in a Children’s Home Peru

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Project Peru is a totally voluntary, handson, UK based charity offering food, clothes, education, shelter, fun and now, thanks to BFSS, a library for the children who live in the charity’s refuge in Zapallal among the desert shanty towns of Lima, Peru. Project Peru report that it was a magical experience to watch the transformation of the empty rooms into a lively, welcoming space with the library as the centre piece, lined with bookshelves and filled with new books. Suddenly children were discovering books and exploring new worlds, comfortably settled on soft seating or studying at one of the computer desks. In a country where there are no public lending libraries and where, even if most people are literate, there is no real culture of reading for pleasure (due in part to the cost and availability of books), Project Peru say that it is thrilling to see the joy and very real practical advantage the library brings.

Project Peru have provided a wide range of new books for children of all ages, effectively and accessibly classified, along with audio visual facilities. They have offered training and a salary to one of the teaching staff to help her develop the educational side of the library, which has been of critical importance in the implementation of this initiative. Now she is enjoying her role in organising story telling and project work and providing information, supervision and guidance for specific homework tasks and for general knowledge. Around 50 children, young adults and staff members use the library regularly. Project Peru are delighted that not only the children but also those who look after them are discovering reading for pleasure. “Thank you to BfSS”, they have written,“ for opening the pages of a new world for all at Project Peru.”