New Phase of Development at Kindimba Secondary School


Grant towards a new phase of development at Kindimba Secondary School, Tanzania, to construct classrooms to cater for a new intake of 80 children.

COCO is an international children’s charity that works with communities in remote regions of the developing world to alleviate the poverty preventing children’s education. COCO works with local communities to implement education programmes that are relevant to the local environment.


Thanks to support from BFSS, Coco was able to construct two new classrooms, enabling the school to enroll a second stream of Form 1 and Form 2, enabling 80 additional students to register with the school.

Outcomes achieved:

  • Kindimba consistently performs as one best schools in region for national exam results: Kindimba Secondary has completed two sets of national exams since opening. The school achieved the fourth best results of 69 schools in the region last year. The top three schools were private schools.
  • Students able to find employment upon graduation from school, owing to development of academic and marketable vocational skills (this will be monitored in 2-3 years, once students have graduated).
  • Innovative teaching methods adopted by teacher.
  • Children living in the Kindimba community all have access to a good standard of education. Coco remains concerned about the standard of education being offered in neighbouring schools and is investigating methods to learn from Kindimba’s good performance.

For the final project report, please click here.