School Education Grant for a Bursary Project in Nicaragua

  • School Education Grant for a Bursary Project in Leon, Nicaragua
  • Grant of £10,000 for 2010
  • Three-year grant (£30,000 over the period 2009-2011 subject to satisfactory reports each year)

 The Bursaries Project began in 2009 with the objective of supporting the education of families with scarce economic resources especially those families that had taken an interest in the cultural life of the city.  In many of these families unemployment was the principal reason why their children abandoned school to go to work selling small value items in the streets. The bursary consists of 60% of the estimated annual investment made by parents in their children’s education covering the cost of uniforms and a satchel containing educational materials. In special cases the support extends to paying for shoes and transport to school. The project also includes professional and personal support to the families and teachers of the beneficiaries.

In 2010 there was a total of 120 boys and girls participating in this project coming from the neighbourhoods of Sutiaba, William Fonseca, El Platanal and Villa 23 Julio.  Of these 120 children 61 were girls and 59 were boys.   113 of the children were attending primary schools, the rest secondary school.

NECAT employed a teacher whose job was to follow up the children’s progress by visiting their schools.  The aim of the school visits was to be able to speak directly with the teachers in order to have first hand knowledge of the progress being made by the children in terms of their academic record and also to learn about their behaviour.   Also the NECAT employee visited the homes of the parents in order to be able provide follow up from the comments made at school.

Only two out of the 120 children have abandoned their school during the entire year.   In both of these cases it was due to instability in the home.    The rest of the beneficiaries made dedicated efforts to study, valuing the investment in their education that NECAT had offered them and applying themselves to achieving academic success.

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