Grant for Orphanage Leavers and Underprivileged Students in Russia

  • Education grant for the Genesis Project to support orphanage leavers and other underprivileged students as they enter further education to obtain qualifications to help them get work
  • Grant of £25,000 for the academic year 2010/11
  • Five-year grant (£116,500 over the period 2007/08 to 2011/12 subject to satisfactory reports each year)

Love Russia has been involved for 17 years in supporting orphanages in the Ryazan, Kaluga and Moscow regions of Russia.  In 2000 it launched the Genesis project, offering support to orphanage leavers and other young underprivileged people to give them the chance of further education.   Since 2000 it has helped more than 600 young people.   95% of Genesis students obtain paid employment and are integrated into society.  This compares with the expectation in Federal published statistics that only 9% of all students leaving orphanages will be integrated into society after two years with the others being involved in criminal activities, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol or dying through drug or alcohol abuse or suicide.   The Genesis programme is now operating also in St Petersburg where it has succeeded in gaining the support of a deputy Education Minister who is supplying accommodation for the young people.

Arthur Kozlov, 19 years old.    Arthur is an orphan who receives a pension from the state of R4,500 (£90).   Love Russia has supported him with his studies at The St. Petersburg Mining Institute, where his special subject is geodesy.  Arthur plans to graduate and find a job related to his education.

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