Improving the Quality and Permanence of Education for Children







Grant towards improving the quality and permanence of education for children and young people

Children Change Colombia is the UK’s largest charity working exclusively in Colombia. It works with the children most at risk, to keep them safe and defend their rights in the long term, to tackle the most neglected issues that few others address and to strengthen existing children’s organisations. Through local partnerships, the charity works on five themes: education, supporting families, making communities safer, preparation for adult life and prevention of sexual violence.

Thanks in part to a grant from BFSS, in November and December 2016, Children Change Colombia delivered educational reinforcement workshops to 157 children and young people in educational reinforcement workshops, and  3 youth leaders were trained to run and deliver further workshops successfully.

Outcomes achieved:

  • 80% (over a target of 60%) of the 150 students from 3 primary schools in Buenaventura have improved their performance in language; 76% (also exceeding the target of 60%) have improved their maths skills.
  • 75% (over a target of 60%) of the 150 students have developed citizenship skills including principles of respect, team work and critical thinking, which will help them to make responsible decisions in their life outside of school.
  • 16 teachers (in excess of the target of 3) have incorporated strategies from this programme into their daily teaching routines, making their classrooms more dynamic and engaging for students.
  • Carvajal has signed at least 3 formal agreements with public and community bodies in Buenaventura committing them to supporting the ongoing development of this educational programme.

To read the final project report, please click here.