Grant towards youth development programmes in Southwark, London

  • Grant towards the cost of two 18-week youth development programmes in Southwark to help raise the aspirations of at risk young people
  • One-year grant of £19,500

Teens and Toddlers was founded in 2001 to address the social exclusion of disadvantaged young people. The charity’s work focuses on giving disadvantaged, disengaged young people the life skills, knowledge and self-belief they need to succeed in school, at home and in life. The charity’s youth development programmes have the added benefit of helping young children in need of support.

In the London Borough of Southwark a quarter of young people and children live in poverty and attainment is low. Re-engaging the most disadvantaged young people with their education is vital to their futures. BFSS funding has supported two 18-week programmes in Southwark, each for eight young people and eight children, in one case from the Charter School and Cobourg Primary School and in the other from Notre Dame RC Secondary Girls’ School and Charles Dickens Primary School.

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Under these programmes, the young people are each paired as a mentor and role model with a child in a nursery in need of extra support. Weekly sessions in the nursery are followed by facilitated classroom sessions focusing on life skills. The young people gain work experience and a qualification in Interpersonal Skills. The progress made by both the teenagers and the toddlers will inform future research.

Planned outcomes:

  • Re-engagement with education by at least 90% of participants, with 96% remaining in education, employment or training
  • Increased awareness by 94% of participants of the importance of education in improving life choices/employability
  • Raised aspirations on the part of nearly 90% of participants
  • Progress in key developmental areas, especially in communication and language, by the mentored children

“John is more focused, he
takes part in after school clubs
now. He is getting excellent
feedback from teachers for
progress made.”
Teacher feedback, London, February 2014

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