Grant towards construction of a village school in Cambodia

  • Grant towards construction and resourcing of a three-classroom school in the village of Ol Thom in Ratanakiri, Cambodia, along with bespoke proficiency assessments
  • One-year grant of £19,948

United World Schools (UWS) is dedicated to ensuring that children in remote areas have access to an education. It works by developing schools, training community teachers to provide a free basic education. Each UWS school is partnered with a school in the UK or another country which fundraises to provide continuing support and ensure financial sustainability. The Ratanakiri region of Cambodia has suffered from civil war and turmoil. The local population has been left desperately poor and without access to a meaningful education.

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Thanks to a grant from BFSS, in October 2014 the villagers of Ol Thom, Ratanakiri, were able to celebrate the opening of their new UWS School. The three-classroom school was built with the help of the community. Two local adults have been trained as teachers to work alongside a government teacher. To ensure that the impact of the school and student progression can be measured, UWS has conducted a baseline assessment of students’ numeracy and literacy. BFSS has also funded a library which has now been equipped with books in the national language of Khmer for the use of the whole village.  From 2015 Ol Thom will partner with The Tiffin Girls’ School, which will take on financial sponsorship of the school.

Planned outcomes:

  • Establishment of an effective and sustainable primary school in the village of Ol Thom
  • At least 200 children receiving a formal primary education for the first time
  • Establishment of student baseline data and the regular tracking of teacher quality, learning outcomes and student progression
  • A classroom library fostering independent learning skills with out of hours use for adult education programmes

“A year ago all we could imagine was that our children would repeat the same hard lives that we have had.

Now everyone hopes that the children will become teachers and doctors.”

Village Chief, Ol Thom

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