Grant for After School Education at Talpiot Youth Village Israel

  • Grant to provide after school education at Talpiot Youth Village in Israel for 110 children living in the city of Hadera and its surrounding villages who are having difficulties at their main school
  • One-year grant of £9,243 in school year 2013/2014

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Talpiot Youth Village, which receives funding from Youth Aliyah Child Rescue, aims to reduce the number of ‘at-risk’ children and families in the region regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. It offers care and education for boarders and non boarders as well as providing services and clinics for the community.

Children are identified by staff at Talpiot or are referred by Social Services as lacking a responsible and supportive home environment to which to return after school hours. These children are given supplementary tutoring at Talpiot along with a warm meal and a place to study. The children receive help which is based on assessed weaknesses and needs. Learning difficulties are addressed while Youth Aliyah Child Rescue strengths are identified and nourished. Not only do the children receive additional educational support but their self confidence is boosted and they are encouraged to contribute to their own development and that of their community.

The BFSS grant will allow 110 children to benefit from extra support over the 2013/2014 school year. Participation in this programme considerably reduces the gap between the level of each student in relation to his or her class on entry and upon leaving the programme. The gap is calculated in relation to a national Standard Score defined by the Ministry of Education. The subjects measured are English, Hebrew and Maths. The children are also evaluated on psychological and
emotional improvement based on case studies and interviews. Youth Aliyah Child Rescue is extremely thankful to BFSS for enabling these children to benefit from the After School Reinforcement Project.

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