Grant to improve science education in five rural schools, Nepal

  • Grant for improving science education in five schools in rural areas of central Nepal
  • One-year grant of £25,000

Childreach International works in partnership with local communities to unlock the potential of some of the world’s most marginalised children and to secure their basic rights. By improving access to education, healthcare and child protection, it transforms the lives of thousands of children every year.

Childreach International

In Nepal, where Childreach International has been working since 2009, only 28% of students passed their science school leavers exam in 2013. Consultations with five schools in rural districts attributed the lack of attainment to shortage of resources, lack of fully trained teachers and the need for practical science lesson facilities. BFSS funding will help to tackle the poor standard of science teaching and the lack of available resources by providing well-equipped science laboratories and effective training for teachers in these five rural state schools.

Whilst the full impact will take some time to measure, a five-day training programme for 50 teachers in the targeted schools has received excellent feedback. The introduction of laboratory equipment into classes has been met with enthusiasm and initial observations have shown more students attending science classes. Teachers have welcomed the challenge of incorporating practical work into their classes and varying the way information is delivered.

Planned outcomes:

  • Effective teaching of practical science classes by 50 trained teachers in the five target schools
  • Development of students’ reasoning and analytical skills in science, leading to success in their science exams by 2,510 direct beneficiaries
  • Scientific knowledge and skills demonstrated by students at each of the five targeted schools through the organisation of one Science Fair a year
  • Science learning actively supported by key stakeholders in local government and community, schools and parents as a result of awareness of its benefits.

“The science lab is wonderful! We all have lessons in there and the

teachers have been trained to use the equipment. It is very exciting.”

16 year old boy from a rural school in Nepal