Grant for a Transformational Teacher Training Programme

  •  Two grants to improve the quality of kindergarten education in the Central Region of Ghana through a Transformational Teacher Training programme
  • Grants of £19,946 and £19,500 for the first and second year of the programme respectively

The Sabre Charitable Trust is an education charity working in Ghana to improve the future of poor and marginalised children. Through 10 years of grassroots work in rural schools and a close relationship with the Ghana Education Service, the kindergarten sector has emerged as the charity’s priority intervention area. Its Brighter Futures Programme tackles the challenges faced by the sector through two key programmes, Building Better Schools and providing Transformational Teacher Training (TTT).

Practising mark making in the outside learning area (1024x683)

Sabre’s TTT programme targets the shortage of trained kindergarten teachers and addresses the need for low cost appropriate learning materials. In Ghana only 51% of kindergarten teachers have received any form of training. Appropriate learning materials are in extremely short supply. The TTT programme is training serving kindergarten teachers in 16 government schools over two years as well as two successive cohorts of Early Childhood Diploma student teachers from OLA College of Education during their one-year practical placement.  Through the project, a network of 40 Model Practice Classrooms has been established across the Central Region of Ghana, which will host successive groups of student teachers on placement in future.

To ensure the sustainability of the placement network, mentor training has been provided to the 55 serving teachers, developing coaching skills to enable them to offer independent support for student teachers on future placements.  Already 147 trainees have completed the first year of the training course. These beneficiaries include kindergarten teachers, head teachers, student teachers and Education Officers from Ghana Education Service. In 2014, the TTT project was recognised by the World Bank as a promising pre-school practice in Africa. The project also resulted in a 103% increase in student-teacher achievement of a top grade practical assessment.

Trainers practising their workshop delivery (1024x768)

The project has been designed to fit into the Ghana Education Service and College framework for supporting third year student-teacher placements. From August 2015, responsibility for delivery of training to the student teachers will transfer to OLA College and its team of trainers, trained by the project.

Outputs so far include:

  • By July 2015, 55 Teachers in 40 Model Practice Classrooms will have received two years of intensive training and be able to implement the new kindergarten pedagogy and mentor student teachers placed in their classrooms
  • By July 2015, 137 Newly Qualified Teachers will have graduated and be implementing their learning in their own classrooms
  • Already 2,960 kindergarten pupils are benefiting from being taught in the new play-based pedagogy by the Newly Qualified Teachers
  • A Teacher Learning Materials toolkit has been created and is available in every Model Practice Classroom for teachers to make their own classroom resources from low cost reclaimed materials
  • Kindergarten-specific Parent Teacher Association meetings have been established to sensitise local parents to the importance of early years education and the benefits of learning though play

Early outcomes:

  • Improved early childhood education for kindergarten pupils in the Model Practice Classrooms and taught by Newly Qualified Teachers from the programme, evidenced by improved child development outcomes
  • Successful implementation of the new Ghana Education Service child-centred, active and play-based pedagogy for kindergarten in a range of government schools
  • High quality practice demonstrated in a network of 40 Model Practice Classrooms across the region, able to support 80 high quality student teacher placements each year
  • Successful development of the TTT methodology for enhancing pre-service kindergarten teacher training, ready for replication in other regions of Ghana

“Phonics as a part of the programme is having a lot

of positive impact……. I would like to implement in

my own classroom when I become a teacher.”

Student Teacher

Trainees using the literacy wheel (1024x576)

Teaching the parts of the body in big circle time (1024x683)

Teachers sharing their self-made book Starting School in Southern Ghana (768x1024)

Teachers matching up assessment statements in top up training (992x744) Teacher facilitating story time in the literacy centre (1024x683)