Grant for expansion of Griffin Park Learning Zone’s activities in Ealing

  • Brentford-FC-Community-Sports-Trust-GPLZ-BFSS-Year-2-Report.pdfGrant for a project to facilitate the transition of the Griffin Park Learning Zone to Brentford FC Community Sports Trust and the expansion of its activities into the London Borough of Ealing.
  • Two-year grant (£11,000 in 2012 and £7,000 in 2013), subject to satisfactory report at the end of each year.

Brentford Charity Grant

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Griffin Park Learning Zone (GPLZ) is a community learning centre based within the Players’ Lounge at Brentford Football Club. It works pro-actively with schools and other agencies to develop innovative and creative education programmes that address the needs of those young people
and children for whom traditional education may be a challenge. Initially funded by the Department for Education all funding was withdrawn from 2012 with GPLZ then becoming part of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust (BFCCST), who offer a portfolio of programmes for children and young people.

Using the BFSS grant the Learning Zone expanded its education provision into the London Borough of Ealing and created a
range of education workshops and school programmes (curricular and extra-curricular).

Storytelling Workshops gave pupils opportunity to improve their literacy levels whilst creating their very own characters and ideas which they formed into a story and delivered to their peers. One school reported: “The first child to stand up and tell the first part of their group’s story has a statement for speech and language – he has never volunteered in this way before”. Another commented that the workshop had raised
the profile of writing and reading.

The 90 Minutes outreach programme combined literacy with multi sports for both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. The results from one secondary school were particularly positive with 100% of boys improving their written expression by at least one GCSE Grade. The BFSS grant enabled the Learning Zone to help 1,500 young people from areas of high deprivation, boosting confidence and inspiring them to become lifelong learners.

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