Grant to establish a community pre-school centre in Mozambique

  • Grant to establish a community based pre-school centre in Nghupa, Beira, in Mozambique
  • Three-year grant (£9,116 in 2014, £6,920 in 2015, £6,906 in 2016) subject to satisfactory annual report

Oasis was established in 1985 and works with deprived communities in 10 countries to improve education, health and livelihood outcomes for excluded and marginalised children and adults. BFSS has previously partnered with Oasis on projects in Kyrgyzstan and Uganda and is supporting another project in Bangladesh.

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In Mozambique a 2012 report estimated that only 4% of children enrol in pre-schools, even though pre-school educational provision is so important in providing a crucial foundation for healthy development and enabling children to reach their full potential. Through its partner, Oasis Mozambique, Oasis is working with young children in Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique, to improve educational attainment, prepare them for primary education and provide psychosocial and healthcare support.

With the help of a grant from BFSS, Oasis has established a community based pre-school centre for children aged 3-5 in Nghupa in Beira and is providing teacher training for women trainees. The trained teachers will then teach in other pre-schools to be established in the Beira slums.

Planned outcomes:

  • Quality pre-school education and improved access to formal primary education for 125 children aged 3-5 years over three years 2014-2017
  • Increased employability by 2017 for 10 women who will be trained as preschool teachers
  • Increased livelihoods for 125 parents/care givers who will be able to engage in income generating activities while their children are at pre-school
  • Development of a community-based approach to pre-school education which can be replicated elsewhere

“Tereza Jose, 3 years old, knows how to count 1, 2, 3

till 10 and she loves school…”

Quote from a parent at the end of the year

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