Grant to Improve Opportunities for 120 Disabled Children in Kenya

  • Grant for a project to improve opportunities for 120 disabled children in rural eastern Kenya through support for three special units within primary schools at Thinu, Kisayani and Mitaboni
  • One-year grant of £9,260 in 2013

Mitaboni new swing Mitaboni vegetable garden thinu new bicycle2

Advantage Africa is a UK-based international development organisation which supports people affected by poverty, disability and HIV to improve their education, health and incomes. It helps some of East Africa’s most vulnerable people to overcome stigma and build a better future for themselves, their families and communities.

Fewer than 10% of disabled children attend school in Africa (UNESCO). Advantage Africa is working to improve the situation through a project to assist three special units within primary schools in rural Kenya to secure and improve education for around 120 children with learning and other disabilities. The project is providing resources to enhance practical learning and to give pupils skills that will be relevant when they leave school.

With the help of funding from BFSS, classroom equipment and other resources are being provided, including gardening tools and seeds for growing vegetables. Kisayani school is starting a poultry rearing initiative to teach pupils how to raise chickens and market the eggs. Teachers have benefited from training
in new skills and subject areas including IT and agriculture. Some funds have gone towards improvements in the fabric of the schools such as extending electricity supplies and improving water catchment from roofs. At Mitaboni a new toilet block has been constructed. BFSS is also helping some of the most disadvantaged pupils to stay in education by contributing to the costs involved. The project is helping disadvantaged pupils with learning disabilities to gain new, relevant skills and confidence, which will help them to interact with other pupils and will improve social inclusion. It is also challenging the
stigma and discrimination that disabled children still endure on a daily basis across East Africa.

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