School meals, health education and fee payments post-Ebola

To support access to, and the quality of education at CRS through the provision of a meal, health education and fee payment for students at the school for a year while the community recovers from the impacts of Ebola.
BFSS does not usually fund support for meals or fees, but made an exception on this occasion given the post-Ebola context.

FCRS is a volunteer-led UK charity that aims to advance the education of and support the most vulnerable students of CRS (Conakry Renaissance School, formally known as Conakry Refugee School) who are refugees and children of refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Thanks to a grant from BFSS, students at CRS have been provided with a hot midday meal for a year, had fees topped up, and health education and measures provided, including PHSE classes and

  • Students were better nourished and incentivised to attend school in spite of the poverty of their parents / guardians
  • Staff received a higher level of pay than could have been delivered if reliant on fee payment by students
  • No children were forced to leave school because of their inability to pay fees
  • Good hygiene and nutritional habits were established in 500 students.

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