Grant for Nursery School Construction in Uganda

  • Esuubi_Trust_Updated_ Report_2014Grant to complete the construction of a nursery school for 200 pupils in Ekiwumulo Village in the Mityana District in Central Uganda and provide resources for learning and teaching
  • One-year grant of £15,399 in 2012

Esuubi Trust Grant for Nursery (5) Esuubi Trust Grant for Nursery (1) Esuubi Trust Grant for Nursery (2) Esuubi Trust Grant for Nursery (3) Esuubi Trust Grant for Nursery (4)

Esuubi is a UK-based charity which helps local communities in Uganda to support their most vulnerable children. The grant from BFSS enabled Esuubi to complete the construction of Ekiwumulo Nursery School in Ekiwumulo Village. Ekiwumulo (meaning a place of freedom and restoration) is a group of foster homes for orphans, centred around a primary school and a vocational training centre, providing a community of support.

Work on this project was completed in August 2012 and a team of volunteers from the UK were able to travel to Uganda to complete the final furnishings and paintings. This allowed the children to start in the building at the beginning of their new term. Over 200 children are benefiting from the construction of the new school and the resources which ESUUBI TRUST have been provided. This stage of education is crucial for children in Uganda as it provides them with a foundation knowledge of English, which is a third language for many of these children but the primary language of education in Uganda.

In Uganda levels of basic illiteracy and numeracy are high but, through projects such as this, Esuubi Trust can help give children a stepping stone out of the poverty cycle as well as provide them with the chance to be children in a culture where growing up can come all too quickly. Esuubi have commented: “The very kind and generous donation made by BFSS has been appreciated over and again by the staff and support workers at Ekiwumulo Village. Together we are giving these children hope of a future.”

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