A social education programme to care leavers in Cornwall.

Grant to deliver a longer term social education programme to care leavers in Cornwall.

Carefree is a charity working with young people in and leaving care between 11 and 25 years of age, and sometimes with young people on the edge of care, in Cornwall.

Thanks to a grant from BFSS, Carefree Cornwall has offered a range of regular group activities designed to raise self-esteem and reduce barriers to learning. Social education techniques like team building, arts and sports based work have been used, and young people have been enabled to volunteer to support their peers. Young people have had access to learning activities through weekly groups, weekend and holiday activities and day groups for unemployed young people, as well as residential opportunities.


  • 103 young people were supported during the year, 93% of whom evidenced the ability to increase their understanding of themselves and others
  • 29 accredited outcomes were achieved during the project
  • The project worked intensively with 45 care leavers who were not in education, employment or training over this period, offering one-to-one support. 36 of them attended educational support run by the project. Three of the young people have gone into full-time employment and a further 10 have moved into education, while the project was still supporting 17 at the end of the grant period.

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