Grant Supporting Community-Based Education Centres in Afghanistan

  • Children_in_Crisis_Report_2011.pdfEducation grant for Children in Crisis’s Community Education Project in Afghanistan to re-integrate children back into schools and increase the number who are able to complete their primary education
  • Grant of £7,500 in 2010
  • Two-year grant (£12,500 over 2009 and 2010)

Children in Crisis was established in 1993 to give children in some of the world’s poorest countries the education needed to help transform their lives.   Working in partnership with local organisations, its major focus is on primary education in conflict and post-conflict countries.   In Afghanistan, it has sought to achieve its aim of re-integrating children back into schools by establishing and operating community-based education centres with an emphasis on ensuring that as many girls as possible are provided with access to education.

The BFSS charity grant has supported the establishment of four centres in and around Kabul.

In 2010 there were some 265 children – including 204 girls – attending accelerated learning classes in the centres to prepare them to be integrated into government schools in grade 2.   A further 640 children were receiving education support and art and calligraphy classes while over 300 women were attending the centres for literacy, tailoring and cookery classes.

The BFSS was particularly interested in the peer educator programme.    Peer educators have been recruited to each of the four centres and in 2010 Children in Crisis was able to recruit all female peer educators, which increases the likelihood of families allowing their girls to attend the centres.    Each peer educator shadows a Children in Crisis staff member and follows a training plan throughout the year.   Peer educators have been playing a pivotal role too in the community activities of the centres.  The aim is to train community members to become teachers themselves, thus helping to make the project more sustainable in the longer term.

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