A project to establish a pre-school in Mozambique.

Grant to establish a community-based pre-school for 125 children aged 3-5 in Nghupa, Beira, Mozambique, including training for 10 women in early childhood development. 

The Oasis International Association works alongside people around the world to bring hope and transform lives and communities.

The project included refurbishing the building and equipping the school as well as training 14 community members as pre-school teachers, technical support visits, assistance with health assessments and birth registration assistance, parenting education including on nutrition, and food assistance, including growing food at the pre-school that has provided 30% of the food needed to feed the children. The project also provided training on early education and translated the Oasis Zimbabwe training manual.


  • 131 children gained access to pre-school education over three years
  • The pre-school provided quality education and holistic development for 125 children aged 3-5, from June 2017, evidenced by improved competencies
  • 14 potential pre-school teachers were trained of which 13 women and 1 man.