Community Group Criteria

Community based groups which are not registered charities are welcome to apply to our subsidiary trusts for grants. Successful applicants will be asked to provide the evidence detailed below to confirm  they are a formally constituted not-for-profit group before any grant payments can be made.

Community based organisations must:

  • Have an annual income of under £1 million
  • Have demonstrable public benefit and evidence that they are working in their local community
  • A constitution or set of governing rules, with a minimum of three trustees/committee members who are not related to each other
  • Its own bank account, with at least two cheque signatories (who are not related to each other)
  • Accounts or records of expenditure for at least three months
  • Up to date equal opportunities, child protection and (if relevant) vulnerable adult safeguarding policies
  • Clear protection against private benefit within its constitution; confirmation that any income and assets are used for exclusively charitable purposes and that it does not pay any dividend or distribute any surplus to shareholders or members