Submitting successful applications

We appreciate your interest in BFSS and understand that fundraising is not easy. We have therefore provided guidance to help complete our Online Application Form, which you can find in this attached document, ‘Submitting a good application to BFSS’.

We have also provided some common reasons why applications have been rejected in the past. These include the following:

  • The applicant was not a UK registered charity (i.e. a UK charity registered with the Charity Commission, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or a UK school, college or university with charitable status or which was an “exempt charity”).
  • Grant requested was disproportionately high in relation to the size of the charity.
  • Concerns about the charity’s financial capacity as evidenced, for example, by late filing of returns to the Charity Commission or inadequate reserves.
  • Information about evaluation plans inadequate.
  • Insufficient information about sustainability.
  • Project would benefit adults of all ages, not just young people up to age 25.
  • Not enough educational content (e.g. in the case of a construction project, inadequate information about the impact on learning).
  • Insufficient impact e.g. a project might benefit a particular group of students at a school but would not enhance the capacity of teachers at that school and hence would not be of wider benefit.
  • Failure to evidence matched funding an/or gifts in kind