Reporting requirements

Monitoring and evaluation is vital to BFSS and we realise it is also critical to your organisation.  It helps both of us to improve the ways in which we work and informs future development.

Project reports are essential to:

  • Make sure your project is meeting the outcomes specified on your application for grant, which is basis by which our Trustees approved the grant.
  • Learn from your project’s achievements and challenges, add to the body of knowledge which helps us advise other charities and contribute to shared wider learning in the sector.
  • Inform our Trustees and Members of the Society about the work we are supporting.
  • Ensure that our funding is giving good value and demonstrate the benefits that flow from the grants programme.
  • Help BFSS determine future policy and strategic direction.
  • Help collect data in a consistent format so that we can assess our overall impact and compare the different types of intervention supported.

BFSS takes these responsibilities seriously, and therefore reserves the right to terminate a grant where the requirement for regular reporting is not met and/or there is evidence that grant is not being used for the purposes for which it was given or is not being used effectively.

Reporting Requirements

Reporting is normally expected six monthly, and is linked to the release of funds; each release is dependent on our receipt of a satisfactory report. We expect:

  • Six monthly ‘interim’ reports: These are designed to update BFSS on progress, ensure the project is on track, and give early warning of any potential issues on which we need to work together. We ask you to use our standard report form, but accept that you will not complete many of the data oriented sections since this is a report on progress.
  • Annual Reports: These are more detailed reports with accompanying financial reporting. They are also used to review and approve second and third year funding. They must be submitted using our BFSS Report Form.
  • Final Reports: These reports are designed to provide a final evaluation of the project and performance against the outputs and outcomes in your grant application. Usually the final report replaces the final annual report, and again must be submitted using our Report Form.