Eligible organisations and projects

The Trustees will consider applications from eligible organisations and institutions provided that the activity for which financial support is sought is designed to promote the advancement of educational opportunity and the institution or organisation’s constitution allows it to carry out the work proposed.

Organisations applying for funding should have UK charitable status.   They should have continuous UK accounts for at least three years. Please note that we will only fund one project per charity at a time. If you are running a project with our funding, you cannot apply for a new grant until you have submitted your final project report.

We do not have a defined upper limit on income. However, larger organisations should be aware that we will normally reject applications from big charities who have ready access to much larger funding sources than BFSS. This is because our policy is to focus on smaller projects, where our funding comprises a significant proportion of the total being awarded.

Applications will be considered from educational or training institutions which have UK charitable status or, in the case of schools, colleges, universities and Churches, “exempt charity” status.

The Trustees will consider proposals for collaborative projects involving international partners and agencies.

Organisations whose sole purpose is to raise funds and who are not themselves involved in the provision of charitable services will not normally be considered for funding

To see if your organisation and project passes our eligibility criteria, either start a new application of review our Grant Eligibility Checklist.