Eligible Organisations

Before you make an application please make sure your organisation is eligible for funding, and that your project meets all of our criteria

  • Organisations applying for funding should have UK charitable status or, in the case of schools, colleges, universities and Churches, “exempt charity” status. We do not fund non-UK based organisations, Community Interest Companies (CICs) or individuals.
  • Organisations should have continuous UK accounts for at least three years.
  • BFSS will only fund one project per charity at a time. If you are running a project with our funding, you cannot apply for a new grant until you have submitted your final project report.
  • BFSS focuses support on small to medium sized organisations who do not have ready access to much larger funding sources. We therefore do not usually fund organisations with an average annual income above £2.5 million except in exceptional circumstances. We also do not fund organisations with an average annual income below £5,000.
  • Organisations should be directly involved in the provision of charitable services. We do not fund organisations whose primary purpose is fundraising
  • We encourage close partnerships with local organisations. However, the applicant organisation must be willing to take full responsibility for the management, delivery, finances and integrity of the project.