UK Criteria and Eligibility

What We Fund

BFSS supports work that aims to improve the educational outcomes and life chances of Young Carers and Children Looked After under the age of 25 living in the UK.  

Funding is available for one to five years 

We will fund between £30,000 to £100,000 per project(maximum £30,000 per year for multi year projects) 

Funding is available for new or pilot projects. We do not fund existing programmes. 

BFSS will fund between 25% to 100of the total project costs, but will give preference to projects with some degree of matched funding. 

We will fund projects which:

  • Improve educational outcomesincluding supporting these children and young people to attend and engage in mainstream school life, increasing the number of education professionals able to understand their needs, and improving their access to out of school support.  
  • Improve life chances –including improving support for these young people (aged 16-25) to access further education, employment or training opportunities and improving support for them to remain engaged with these opportunities. 

Applications should be new or innovative interventions that are evidence based, with an emphasis on evaluation and the intention that the intervention will be scaled up or replicated if successful.

We appreciate it may not always be practical for all of the young people supported by the project to be Young Carers and Children Looked After but we expect these young people to be the driving need for the project. Recognising that many young people with additional needs come from supportive and well-resourced environments, any other young people benefiting directly from the project must be socially disadvantaged. 

Additional Covid-19 funding priority:

Given the impact of Covid-19 and the expectation that the disadvantage gap will almost certainly widen for Young Carers and Children Looked After, BFSS is keen to receive applications for approaches that seek to directly address this impact on these young people and work to close this gap.  

These should be evidenced approaches that can be either new or innovative approaches or proven solutions with successful track records of transforming educational outcomes and life chances for Young Carers and Children Looked After. 

BFSS does not usually fund: services which are available through the state-sponsored education system (including the Pupil Premium); existing projects, summer camps; bursaries or scholarships; expeditions, volunteering trips and conferences; international travel; projects where salaries, transport or running costs are the main expense. 

Who Can Apply 

UK registered charities with an annual income of between £5,000 and £2.5 million, and at least three years of continuous accounts.  

UK based and state funded schools, academies, colleges and other educational establishments regardless of their income size, providing they can demonstrate a network effect beyond one individual school. 

Organisations should be directly involved in the provision of the project activities. We do not fund organisations whose primary purpose is fundraising.