International Criteria and Eligibility

What We Fund

BFSS supports work which improves the quality, sustainability, and access to education for young people up to the age of 25 within international marginalised and deprived communities.  

Funding is available for one to three years 

We will fund between £5,000 to £60,000 per project (maximum £20,000 per year for multi year projects) 

Funding is available for new or pilot projects. We do not fund existing programmes. 

BFSS will fund between 25% to 100% of the total project costs, but will give preference to projects with some degree of matched funding. 

We will fund projects which:  

  • Improve access to education – including increasing the number of educational opportunities (including construction of classrooms or latrines), especially for girls, increasing the number of qualified teachers trained in inclusive, non-discriminatory practices and improving community attitudes to educating children who are often excluded or overlooked.  
  • Improve quality of education – including improving the quality of teaching and pedagogy, improving access to extra-curricular support, improving access to progressive opportunities including STEM and IT education and increasing child friendly resources.  
  • Improve the sustainability of education projects – including educational projects with integrated community management or ownership, self-generating income and minimising their environmental impact. 


BFSS currently has two priority areas, and particularly welcomes applications which focus on: 

  • Re-establishing education where the provision of education has suffered from conflict or natural disaster. 
  • Enhancing the opportunities and reducing barriers for girls to access education 

BFSS does not usually fund services which: are available through the state-sponsored education system; existing projects, summer camps; bursaries or scholarships; expeditions, volunteering trips and conferences; international travel; feeding programmes; and projects where salaries, transport or running costs are the main expense. 

Who We Fund

BFSS funds small to medium sized organisations with an annual income of between £5,000 and £2.5 million.   

Organisations must have UK charitable status. We do not fund non-UK based organisations, Community Interest Companies (CICs) or individuals. 

Organisations must have continuous UK accounts for at least three years.

Organisations must be directly involved in the provision of the project activities. We do not fund organisations whose primary purpose is fundraising.