The BFSS supports charitable organisations running UK and International projects to improve access to education or the quality of education for vulnerable or deprived children and young people under the age of 25.

We award approximately £900,000 in new grants every year through 2 grant rounds for UK projects and 3 grant rounds for International projects. See our Application Process & Key Dates for when to apply.

UK Projects

For UK projects we have recently narrowed our focus and will only consider applications to improve the educational outcomes and life chances of Young Carers and Children Looked After for the foreseeable future.  See our UK Criteria and Eligibility  for further details.

International Projects

BFSS supports projects to improve the quality, sustainability, and access to education for young people within international marginalised and deprived communities. See our International Criteria and Eligibility for further details.

Subsidiary Trusts

The Society also offers a small number of specific grants for organisations and individuals through its Subsidiary Trusts.