Monthly Archives: November 2011

BFSS President, Rt Hon David Lammy MP, publishes new book

The BFSS President, Rt Hon David Lammy MP, has published a new book, Out of the Ashes.   It is about the riots – why they happened, what they tell us about Britain and where we go from here.    All the proceeds from the book will be donated to Tottenham charities who are dealing with post riot issues.

BFSS partners with British Asian Trust to support online training for teachers in rural Pakistan

The learning and life chances of some 1,500 poor children in Pakistan’s most isolated rural areas will be improved through a partnership between The British Asian Trust and The British &  Foreign School Society.    For further information about how the BFSS is working with The British Asian Trust to improve teachers’ skills and enhance the education […]

BFSS Innovations Forum: Reflections by the Chair, Roger Howarth

In September 2011 the BFSS held an Innovations Forum which provided an opportunity for Trustees to review their policy, strategy and practice and consider how the charity could be more innovative in its work.    The Chair, Roger Howarth, contributed his reflections on the event for Trustee Week.   For his contribution please visit