Vision, Values, Mission

The Society

The British & Foreign School Society was formed in 1808 by Christian social reformers to carry on the work of Joseph Lancaster, a pioneer of school and teacher education.  It is governed by a Royal Charter.  Today the Society gives grants for education projects in the UK and around the world, while celebrating its heritage.


Educational opportunity for all.


We believe in the right of children and young people to education as a driver for personal development, well-being, and equality of opportunity. Building on the heritage of Joseph Lancaster, we value effective teaching and learning, and the sharing of good practice. We are committed to inclusivity, integrity, and to valuing and respecting others in everything we do.


We seek to achieve our vision by providing funding and support to UK-based charities for educational projects in the UK and throughout the world reflecting our history and heritage.

Funding Priorities

We particularly welcome grant applications for educational projects that support disadvantaged children and young people experiencing poverty or who are suffering from conflict, natural disaster, neglect, abuse or other especially difficult circumstances. Within these broad parameters we have a particular, but not exclusive, interest in girls’ education, street and/or working children, educational recovery post-conflict or post-disaster.

The Society welcomes grant applications in these areas which are responsive to the broader well-being of disadvantaged children and young people and the fulfilment of their rights.