Grants Workshop 2016

As one of our members remarked at this years BFSS Grants Workshop, the event is well on the way to becoming a ‘new tradition’. Each year we get enthusiastic feedback about the new ideas they’ve picked up and the value the workshop has given. We are passionate at BFSS about helping build the capacity of the sector, and our grant recipients all say how rare it is to be able to get together with their peers, to share best practice and ideas. For BFSS, it is an invaluable chance to work with charities to improve the effectiveness of the grants we make; that’s why this year’s focus was ‘Maximising Potential for Success’.

TP1000851his was our Fourth BFSS Grants Workshop.  It was attended by  43 Grant Recipients, as well as Trustees and Members of the Society.  BFSS Vice-President, Professor John Furlong, former Director of the Oxford University Department of Education chaired, and presentations were made by Council Member, Professor Joy Palmer Cooper on her analysis of “BFSS Grants Awarded and their Impact” {link to paper] which led to lively discussions.  Chair of the Grants Committee, Peter Miller, also gave a presentation on the BFSS Perspective which was followed by an update on grants and a Q&A session.

The workshop was split into a number of sessions to allow participants to focus on the most challenging and pressing themes. You can read about the conclusions the groups reached, in the full report, Report on 2016 Workshop. Of particular interest were the discussions on Evaluation, and on Managing Unforeseen and Other Potential Hazards – which openly .discussed the good, the bad, and even the ugly. One of the features this year was the regional networking cluster groups, allowing participants to share very specific, regional experiences, and have the opportunity to make connections for future projects.  Maybe the most positive feedback we received was how much participants look forward to the next Workshop.