International Children’s Trust Ecuador Project progressing well

BFSS welcomes the progress being made by International Children’s Trust (ICT) in achieving sustainable change for street children and families living in the barrios of Guayaquil, Ecuador.   The children’s daily lives are characterised by turbulent and violent family relationships and street involvement.  Not surprisingly they have hitherto been unable to sustain their education.

In 2014 BFSS granted ICT  a 2-year  award of £16,000 per year for 2014 and 2015 (subject to annual review) to support a project to provide access to education and support for improved performance for street children in Guayaquil. The project commenced in March 2014 and ICT has submitted a report covering their achievements during the first year of project delivery.

Their holistic approach to education incorporated not only peer workshops for children and teachers but also nutritional and health based activities, strengthening family bonds and extensive work with mothers to enable change to take place in their children’s lives.

Parents in workshop with JUCONI trainer (2) Mum son and baby in family support visit (2) MOther and daughter in support programme School support  (2)

Work with teachers is giving them the skills to ensure they are able to recognise and support the needs of children at risk of dropping out of school.  In light of their increased knowledge, teachers themselves are now pushing for further support to help them meet the needs of vulnerable children.

All of the 58 children enrolled in school as part of the project, with one exception, have sustained their attendance and, at the end of the period,  more of them are participating in group activities.

ICT are well on their way to meeting their planned outcomes  and in some cases have already exceeded them.   The full report can be read here.