Nepal earthquake

We have been monitoring with concern the news and photographs coming out of Nepal and hope very much that relief will soon reach the stricken areas.   

BFSS is funding a number of projects in Nepal and, sadly, some of the areas where we are supporting projects have been affected by the earthquake.    In particular, we have heard from Sarah Galvin, PHASE Worldwide, that “two of our project regions, Gorkha and Sindhulpalchok, are almost the most heavily affected areas in Nepal and we estimate that around 80% of buildings have collapsed…. the people there are currently highly vulnerable”.

Another project in Pokhara, run by Kidasha and supported by BFSS for some years, is close to the area suffering the most damage.   Janice Miller, CEO of Kidasha, has told us:  “Pokhara, where we work, is extremely close to the epicentre and still suffering from aftershocks. My greatest fear over the coming weeks is the impact of the aftermath on the thousands of children already living in abject poverty in the slums and streets… My priority is to ensure that all these children not only receive basic food, shelter and healthcare but also get the emotional support they need to deal with any resultant trauma.  Experience tells me that mainstream aid may not reach many of the children we support. It is therefore our priority to ensure that this is not the case.”

Both of these charities have set up emergency appeals and more information can be found on their websites:

To these and other charities whom BFSS is supporting in Nepal as well as others who are working in the affected areas we send our very best wishes for their efforts to alleviate the suffering of those concern


Postscript (1st May 2015):

Childreach International sent us the following photographs.  They depict Yangrima School, one of five rural schools in Nepal BFSS supported to improve science education through the construction and equipping of science laboratories.  Charity representatives only reached the village (Shermathang) on the 30th April after battling on motorbikes for days to get over the landslides to the communities, supplying aid they had collected for survivors.

Nepal earthquake 3 Nepal earthquake 2 Nepal earthquake Nepal earthquake 4

A statement from the Childreach International follows:

Childreach Nepal has always worked in the rural, mountainous regions of Nepal, and these have been hit especially hard. Two of the villages we work in the Sindupalchok District, Shermathang and Manikharka, have been completely destroyed. We have yet to hear from our other villages.

All of our staff and trustees in Kathmandu have been working around the clock to get clothing, food and medical supplies to those stranded in the rural villages. For regular updates, please follow us on Twitter (@ChildreachInt) and on Facebook (Childreach International).

Our appeal page is here: