Grant Holders' Workshop 2022

Workshop focuses on climate responsibility

Grant Holders Workshop 2022 hears how taking small steps on sustainability can make a difference

BFSS’ annual Grant Holders’ Workshop was a fantastic interactive day of knowledge sharing with opportunities to meet, network and discuss common themes with other BFSS Grant Holders working on educational projects internationally and in the UK.

The keynote speaker was Jamie Morrison, the Chief Executive of Signpost International, who highlighted how even small steps could make a big impact if enough people took them.

In a stimulating afternoon session three speakers (Abi Dar of African Revival; Jessica Rapp of Amala Education and Joanna Bega of Child Rescue Nepal) gave lightning talks on their organisation’s climate actions including use of local materials, drastically reducing travel and replacing with online meetings, carbon offsetting, training for teachers on good practice and integrating sustainability in the curriculum.

Delegates also discussed and shared their ideas on topics including steps for organisations to reach net zero such as working out the organisation’s carbon footprint and embedding climate responsibility into organisational values and strategy.

We will share resources from the day on the BFSS Forum (resources section).

Published: 30 November 2022