BFSS welcomes pupil and teacher feedback on new classrooms at Destiny Garden School, Mombasa, Kenya

In June 2014 BFSS made a grant of £13,000 to Destiny Children, which supports  Destiny Garden Primary School, a charity school  founded in May 2009 and located in Mtongwe, one of the poorest suburbs of Mombasa.  The BFSS grant was for the purpose of building two new kindergarten classrooms and converting four existing small classrooms into two larger ones. The building work has now been completed and the Project Report illustrates the benefits. In future the School hopes to have electricity via solar panels in the classrooms so that the children can use electronic devices.

Here is one of the teachers, Madam Sabrina Namwenge (KG1 teacher) commenting on the change that the new classrooms have made:

Madam Sabrina Namwenge

Madam Sabrina Namwenge

On previous classes: “There was little room to place the display materials for learning and the ventilation was also very poor. The floor was breaking up and creating a lot of dust, making it difficult to keep the classroom clean”.

On current classes: “Having the two rooms as one has given us much more space and proper ventilation which makes the rooms cleaner and safer. The seating arrangement makes it easier to navigate around the classes, and give individual children more attention. The tiling of the floors is wonderful and the painting of the walls has given a new look to the classroom. I believe this is going to make my work as a teacher much easier and more rewarding”.

As with all construction projects, BFSS has asked Destiny Children to monitor the impact of the improvement in the classroom environment on the pupils’ learning performance.  Destiny Children will be measuring the impact on attendance and on the marks attained by the Kindergarten children in their end of term exams.