Amendments approved to BFSS’s Royal Charter and Statutes

Approval for BFSS Charter amendmentsFollowing a review of the governance of the Society, resolutions were passed at a General Meeting of the Society in May 2014 for the purpose of making some amendments to the Charter and Statutes.    BFSS is delighted that on 8th October 2014 the Privy Council approved those amendments.

BFSS is very fortunate to have a Royal Charter.  (To see an abstract of the Royal Charter of 1906 and the Supplemental Charter of 1999 please click here.)   The changes approved by the Privy Council to two paragraphs in the preamble  ensure that the Charter expressly states the Society’s charitable purpose and the way in which it now achieves its aims.    They also reflect the fact that the primary method of fulfilling the objects is now by making grants and providing financial support.  (The changes can be seen by clicking on Amendments to the Charter.)

The revised Statutes provide for modernisation of the Society’s ways of working, for example by updating means of communication and allowing for ballots by postal, electronic or other means.    Key changes include the introduction of fixed terms of office for Councillors;  new arrangements whereby all Councillors will be nominated and elected by Members of the Society;   and the opening up of Membership to organisations as well as individuals interested in promoting the charitable objects of the Society.  To see the revised Statutes please click here.   We will be writing to Members in December with further information about the changes.