BFSS welcomes Redearth Education’s success in developing good practice in teaching & learning in Masindi, Uganda


Motivated pupils learning in an attractive, stimulating environment

In late 2013 BFSS awarded a relatively small grant (£4,620) to Redearth Education to fund the costs of an additional 20 schools in the Masindi area of Uganda joining the Redearth achievement award, bringing to 50 the number of schools taking part in the “Developing Good Practice in Teaching & Learning Achievement Award Programme”.   This school award scheme, which has a number of levels, supports participating schools and assesses them for good practice in teaching and learning, a positive and attractive physical environment, positive behaviour management, commitment to professional development of teachers etc.

Redearth Education’s Interim Report shows that, in the great majority of schools in the scheme, improvements are being seen in the learning environment and in behaviour management techniques used by teachers.  In addition, there is an increase in the amount of interactive teaching strategies being used, which better engage and motivate pupils, as can be seen in this short photostory made by Redearth volunteers on how schools participating in the scheme are changing.    BFSS welcomes the motivating effect of the scheme and looks forward to the outcome of Redearth’s monitoring of impact not only on classroom practice but also on pupil attainment.