BFSS AGM and Special General Meeting 23rd May 2014

Members of the Society have been invited to attend our AGM on 23rd May which will be chaired by our President, Rt Hon David Lammy MP, and which will hear presentations from Philippa Frankl, Executive Director of Street Kids International UK, about the project we are supporting in Brazil and from Iestyn Thomas, CEO and Founder, Challenge Aid, about the project we are supporting in the slums of Nairobi.

The AGM will be followed by a General Meeting, papers for which have been issued.   The Revised Convening Notice for that meeting can be downloaded here.   The texts of the Council’s resolutions are available on request from the Secretariat at or 01883 331177.   The Council’s resolutions can also be downloaded as follows: Resolution to amend the Charter; Resolution to amend the Statutes.