Measuring Learning Outcomes

Primary education project in Laos

Primary education project in Laos


BFSS is following with interest the work of the Brookings Institute and UNESCO Learning Metrics Task Force on the assessment of learning in the developing world in readiness for the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals.

This work is designed to bring about a shift in global focus and investment from universal access to ensuring access plus improving learning opportunities and outcomes worldwide.

At the BFSS our vision is equality of educational opportunity for all but we attach great importance to measuring outcomes.    We ask grant applicants to say how they will measure outcomes and, for grant recipients, our reporting framework includes questions about outcomes and benefits.    In approving grants, we now signpost grant recipients to the learning metrics and testing instruments that are widely in use in the developing world and ask them to consider using the relevant ones to conduct a baseline survey and then measure outcomes.

We will be exploring the measurement of impact, including through the use of learning metrics, at a workshop we are holding for grant recipients on 9th October to share good practice.